The Journey through Uganda – Jan 31 to Feb 7

February 14, 2014

We have just celebrated Valentine’s Day, and Jill’s 65th BIRTHDAY!!

All our TORIT team members were here at our house: the Scotland family, Andrea with their 3 children (Jordan was on a trip into the mountains to look for new outreach opportunities), Russ and Lyn Noble, Jenn Wanamaker. Jacob from Camp 15 is also in town but was not feeling well this afternoon and evening.

Jill baked her own cake and made her own ice cream! Can you imagine a town where it’s 95 degrees in the daytime and there’s no ice cream?! Well Jill wanted ice cream for her birthday, and the flavor she wanted: chocolate chip mint. But now I’m getting ahead of the story.

Backtrack to January 31

We were in Nairobi for three and a half weeks, much longer than we expected. We packed up on Friday, Jan 31, and left for Eldama Ravine, where we spent the night with friends Roy and Helen Stover and Pat Barnett. Helen and Pat are sisters from one of the Barnett families that I grew up with in Kenya.

Interlude of two and a half weeks!

The editing stopped, we got very busy, and now it is the beginning of March.

February 1-5

We were in Eldoret, spending precious time with many dear friends in the area. We had a wonderful half a day with Ally and Ruth Chepkwony at their farm home. He was our Missionary College Principal, fellow laborers for the Great Commission to reach out from Kenya, and our very dear friends. We spent some time the Mark and Lorna Keter, the missionaries that have been working in the eastern end of South Sudan’s Eastern Equatoria State.

We had good times at the Missionary College and with other friends in Eldoret town. Yes, it was fun! But it was a time of reconnecting with people that we (especially Jill) have discipled, mentored, prayed for and prayed with over the past many years.

We had a chance to share briefly in two services of AIC Fellowship Church, Eldoret, the church that we were a part of for a number of years in Eldoret. We continue to pray that that large city church will open wide its vision to take the gospel out to the unreached of East and Central Africa, including South Sudan.

February 5-7

We did some final shopping, packed up, and left for the Kenya/Uganda border after lunch on Wednesday, Feb 5th. We were comfortably in a simple hotel room in Tororo, Uganda by 5pm.

Thursday morning we were frantically trying to get a spare part for a motorcycle of an evangelist friend in Torit (without success). Then we started on a leg of the road we had never seen before. It was a most enjoyable trip – nice road, gravel but well maintained, and it only took 7 hours to go 250 miles to Kitgum, where we found a small, comfortable hotel and had a good night’s sleep.

Friday, Feb 7 we were back on a familiar road, crossed the border to South Sudan, no hassles with border officials, and we reached home after 6 hours of driving 120 miles. The worst part of the road is the last 25 miles into Torit.


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Jill's BirthdayCake

See the next post for the rest of February.